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Thursday, February 27, 2020


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Topic: SCCA Rules

The new items published under this topic are as follows.

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F500 Rule Changes
Posted by: edc on Thursday, April 20, 2006 - 10:47 PM
SCCA Rules

It seems that the rule change proposals originally developed, discussed and incubated here on the F500 mailing list are making some headway. The following actions on some of these proposed rules appeared in the May 2006 FasTrack:


Item 1. Effective 11/1/06: Add the following to section 17.1.6.E.15.g:
Rotax 494 and 493 engines: Any Rotax 494 or 493 respectively model thermostat housing or water outlet may be used. The water bypass may be blocked.


2. F500 - Remove the weight penalty from the 493 (various - 5 letters). The weight is appropriate as listed.
3. F500 - Allow Kawasaki engines unlimited porting (Wilson). We agree that the Kawasaki engine requires assistance; however, porting is not consistent with F500 rules. See technical bulletin #06-05 for weight reduction adjustment.

And Technical Bulletin #06-05 reduces minimum weight for Kawasaki Engines to 700 pounds:

1. Section 17.1.6.E.2, change the first paragraph to read as follows: Minimum weight as qualified and raced, with driver, shall be 700 lbs (800 lbs for AMW and Rotax 494 engines, 850 lbs for Rotax 493 engines).
Other items are still under consideration and there will be more discussion and further input requested on several of them.

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Pump Gas Proposal
Posted by: edc on Monday, March 20, 2006 - 01:05 AM
SCCA Rules

Tired of paying $8 a gallon for 100+ octane race gas just to pass the fuel tests when our engines were designed to run on plain olf 89 octane pump gas? Well, there is hope...

CRB member Stan Clayton has informed us that we have a window of opportunity to get the current fuel rules changes to allow F500 to run the same pump gas standards and tests that Showroom Stock and IT cars do. That basically means plain old 89 octane pump gas.

Stan will support us on this effort IF we, the F500 community, send the CRB letters indicationmg that we want this rule change. Well... of course we want to run $2.50 gas instead of $8 gas!

If you support (or don't support) changing our fuel rules to allow pump gas, please write an email to the CRB NOW!!! You may email your comments on this proposal to the CRB at crb@scca.com. Do it now. It doesn't have to be elaborate. Just a line or two stating that you support or object to the proposal to allow pump gas in F500 is sufficient.

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F500 Improvement Proposal Letter Writing Campaign
Posted by: edc on Thursday, March 16, 2006 - 04:24 PM
SCCA Rules

Thanks to the efforts of Joe Palmer, we have identified six F500 rule change proposals which have been sent to the Club Racing Board for consideration. Now is the time to voice your views on these proposals to the CRB!!!

The proposed rule changes are:

  • #2 - Allow the overbore of the Kawasaki to close to 500cc
  • #3 - Allow new intake manifolds & regular 38mm Mikuni VM carbs on the AMW engine
  • #4 - GCR should recommend electric start, but not require it
  • #5 - Allow Removal of Pull Starter
  • #6 - Allow Removal of Thermostat
  • #8 - Allow Longer Suspension Rubbers

The full details of these proposed rule changes as well as the voting results is available at http://mysite.verizon.net/jpalmer1/f5jump.htm.

PLEASE draft an email to the CRB at crb@scca.com indicating your support (or not) for these proposals. You may draft one single letter in reference to these six items. Be sure to reference the common item names and even item #'s for the CRB's ease of use. However, also be sure to explain your "status" and express your full opinion/stance on each item within your letter.

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Reversed Engine & Transfer Case Outlawed
Posted by: edc on Wednesday, February 22, 2006 - 01:59 AM
SCCA Rules

New rules wording in the March Fastrack effectively outlaws the RaKavoN reversed engine mounting and transfer case.


1. Effective 3/1/06 approved by the BoD during their February meeting, add the following after the first paragraph of section 17.1.6.E.15:

The engine must be installed in the chassis so that the exhaust ports face to the front of the car. The engine may be inclined from vertical.

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RaKavoN Transfer Case
Posted by: edc on Tuesday, January 31, 2006 - 03:41 PM
SCCA Rules In response to multiple requests, RaKavoN designer / builder Jay Novak has supplied this picture of the Transfer Case used in the RaKavoN to allow reversing the engine orientation.

Click on the picture for a larger version...

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