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Thursday, February 27, 2020


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F500.org - The Formula 500 Racing Web FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

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What is the F500 Mailing List?

The F500 Internet Mailing List is dedicated to discussion of topics directly related to SCCA Formula 500 racing, tuning, maintenance and preparation. The list is mostly made up of active F500 drivers, crew, tuners, and manufacturers. But even if you're just interested in Formula 500, please feel free to join us.

The F500 list is an unmoderated forum. This list is relatively small, but at times there can be many message per day posted here, If you don't want all that extra email, but would still like to participate, we have a "digest" option. Digest subscribers get only one email message per day, which is a compilation of all of the F500 list messages that were posted that day.

You may also visit the F500 Mailing List Archive on the web if you don't wish to have the F500 list messages sent to your mailbox. Note that the archive is NOT a discussion forum. It's simply an archive of messages posted to the mailing list by it's subscribers.

In order to prevent SPAM, only registered subscribers may post to the F500 mailing list.

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Will my email address be secure if I subscribe to the F500 Mailing List?

Under no circumstances will the address of subscribers to this list be used for any other purpose or disclosed to anyone. Period.

We respect your privacy, and we hate spam even more than you do. For that reason alone we do everything possible to keep your email address private.

However... if you post a message to the F500 mailing list, your email address WILL be visible to other F500 list subscribers and it MAY be visible in the F500 Mailing List Archives. We are constantly working on improved technology to prevent your email address from being harvested from the Archives by spamers, however this is an inexact science and there is the remote possibility that your email address may be collected by spammers. We do everything in you power to prevent such unsavory happenings, but the spammers do everything in their power to try to circumvent electronic defenses.

For further information, please view our Privacy Policy.

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Why did my message to the F500 Mailing List get held for moderator approval?

In order to prevent SPAM from invading the F500 Mailing List, only messages from subscribed addresses are automatically posted to the list.

If you are not a current subscriber, your message will be held for approval by a moderator. Normally we do NOT approve postings from non-subscribers, however, if your message is of general interest to the members of the F500 Mailing List , we will occasionally make an exception and approve your message.

If you ARE a subscriber and your message was held for approval, it's most likely that you sent the message from an email account other than the one which you are subscribed under. The mailing list server looks up the "From:" address in each posted message to enbsure that that address belongs to a current subscriber. If the server cannot find an exact match for that email address in it's database, the message will be held for approval by a moderator.

In most cases, the moderators will be able to figure out that you are a valid subscriber and will approve your message.

Please understand that the F500 Mailing List moderators are volenteers and have limited time to review held messages. We try to make sure that all held messages are processed within 24 hours, but on occasion it may take longer.

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I got SPAM or a Virus from the F500 Mailing List!

No you didn't!!!!

We are VERY serious about ensuring that spam and viruses are never transmitted through the F500 Mailing List. To this end we have established extensive anti-spam and anti-virus policies and processes to protect the list. It is virtually impossible for spam or virus infected messags to pass through the list server.

All messages are first checked to ensure that they are from valid F500 Mailing List subscribers. Then they are processed by our anti-spam system (based on SpamAssassin) which will filter out almost all spam messages. If the anti-spam system even suspects that a message may be spam, it will route it to a moderator for manual review. Next, any HTML tags or MIME encodings will be stripped from the message and it will be converted to plain text. Finally, any attachments (the mechanism that viruses use to transmit themselves via email) are removed from the message as extra insurance that there is no possibility of a virus being transmitted to the list.

Only after a message has been fully processed by all of the above safeguards will it be forwarded to F500 Mailing List subscribers.

If you have received an email message claming to be from the F500 Mailing List which is spam or contains a virus, it is almost certainly a forgery. Viruses commonly search an infected system for email messages to harvest addresses and headers from. The virus will use the email addresses and headers from legitimate email messages which are stored on the infected system to forge it's outgoing message so that it appears to have come from a legitimate source. Sadly, with today's email technology there is little that anyone can do to prevent their email address from being forged.

Messages actually transmitted by the F500 Mailing List server will always have the following block of tect at the bottom of the message:

F500 mailing list - F500@f500.org
To unsubscribe or change options please visit:http://f500.org/mailman/listinfo/f500
*** Please, DO NOT send unsubscribe requests to the mailing list! ***

One additional check you can make to a suspicious email message to to look at the message headers. Most headers are normally hidden by modern email programs, but there is almost always an option to view all headers. Check with your email software vendor for instructions on how to view all headers with your particular software.

Real F500 mailing list messages will always contain the following header lines as proof that it is a legitimate F500 Mailing List message:

Return-Path: <f500-bounces@f500.org>
X-Spam-Flag: NO
X-Spam-Status: NO...
X-BeenThere: f500@f500.org
Reply-To: f500@f500.org
List-Id: The Formula 500 Mailing List <f500.f500.org>
List-Unsubscribe: <http://f500.org/mailman/listinfo/f500>
List-Archive: <http://f500.org/pipermail/f500>
List-Post: <mailto:f500@f500.org>
List-Help: <mailto:f500-request@f500.org?subject=help>
List-Subscribe: <http://f500.org/mailman/listinfo/f500>
Sender: f500-bounces@f500.org
Errors-To: f500-bounces@f500.org

If these lines are NOT present in the header of the message, it was NOT sent through the F500 Mailing List server and is likely forged.

If you have questions about a message recieved, or suspect that it is spam or a virus that somehow slipped through our electronic defenses, please feel from to contact the list admins at f500-owner@f500.org and we will be happy to help you out.

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